Critical Thinking also known as Risk Management


As part of a mastermind group I was confused by the term critical thinking. Assuming and observing everyone else in the room, they appeared to understand. Being part of the crowd isn't really my thing so I asked for an explanation. The response wasn't what I expected, "critical thinking is about identifying and either minimising or eliminating risk from your business" Dan Bradbury explained to me.

Now strangely the reason I joined the mastermind group was partly due to a risk I had identified which had been realised before I had sufficient time to put effective mitigation in place.

I had unfortunately decided to wait 3 months and during the first month notice was served of termination of the contract. Now this wouldn't be an issue in my current circumstances but at the time I didn't have sufficient cash reserves to last as my expenses were higher than I now know they should have been.

I needed help, joined the mastermind worked with a coach and turned around my high risk business to become low risk high worth within 6 months.

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